How to Bug Out With a Baby

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Do you have a newborn in the home? It’s stressful to think about preparing for a bug out experience for yourself and your significant other (and any pets you may have), but throw a newborn into the mix and it’s a whole different ball game!

A baby is completely reliant on you. They eat, A LOT. They sleep, A LOT and they poop, A LOT. And of course, they need lots of love.

Sure, we need to eat, sleep and poop, too, but as adults we can overcome hunger, we can overcome sleep deprivation and we can overcome bowel movements.

It’s easy to take care of a baby during the normal day-to-day life.

But what happens when an emergency or disaster strikes? What if you need to throw the gear in the vehicle and bug out?

Here are some things to consider:

1. Supplies: What do you absolutely need to survive for at least three days without being at home? Are you breastfeeding? Formula feeding? Are they on purees or solid foods? How many diapers do you need during a one-day period? How many changes of clothes? Do they take any supplements? Look at the supplies that you use on a daily basis for your child then try to stick to the basics to create a baby emergency bug out bag with diapers, clothes, a couple toys, if you use formula, purees, etc.

2. Transportation: In many disaster scenarios, being able to drive away from the disaster is usually an option. But what if it’s not? What if you have to take your baby out and start walking? Do you wear her? Do you plop her in the stroller? What about keeping them safe from the elements? What do you have to do when you have to stop and feed them? What about naps? Having a vehicle will make bugging out with your baby a lot easier, for sure. But you will need to plan for not having access to that vehicle.

3. Mock bug out: It is vital that you go through a mock bug out with your baby. It’s great to theorize and to write out action plans, but actually going through a mock bug out scenario is a huge eye-opener! I thought I would be prepared to bug out with my baby, but when I did a mock bug out, I learned so many things that I never ever would have thought about before.

Watch my videos below to get a better understanding of how I went through it and how you can be the best prepared to bug out with your baby.

Once you add in pets or maybe you have more than 1 child, it does get trickier, so it’s important to consider all factors.

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